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World Diabetes International Food Giveaway

Dear members,
Good news! This Sunday, the World Diabetes International will distribute free Indian rice, canned spaghetti and baked beans for diabetic patients and those in need again! There will be free diabetes screening service administered by health professionals, also, a lucky draw with prizes up for grabs!

Date: Sunday 21 April 2019
Time: 11AM to 2PM
Location: Chippendale Greens (lawn outside of Central Park Mall)


好消息! World Diabetes International世界糖尿病国际组织慈善机构本周日再次免费发放印度米、意大利面罐头和罐头黄豆,为糖尿病患者及需要关怀的人士送上福音,还有专业护士为您免费测试血糖指数!更有幸运大抽奖,慈善礼品等您来拿!
地点:Chippendale Greens
(Central Park mall外草坪)