World Diabetes International (WDI) is a charity organisation established in Australia committed to raising awareness of diabetes around the world, promoting diabetes prevention and early detection strategies, uniting individuals from all sectors of society, and enhancing the well-being of mankind. It is founded by diabetes health professionals, doctors, educators, researchers, nutritionists, people affected by diabetes and their families, and those who have a passion for reducing the impact of diabetes. It works in partnership with various diabetes organisations and charities to advocate for a better standard of care for people affected by diabetes. It also contributes to the well-being of mankind and philanthropy by organising various kinds of charitable activities.


Objectives and Activities

  1. To provide education services for people with diabetes and promote diabetes prevention and early detection strategies, provide free diabetes counselling and diabetes-related products, organise seminars on how to prevent and treat diabetes, and to raise the awareness of the seriousness of diabetes and support those affected by diabetes;
  2. To work with diabetes organisations and charities around the world to foster public dissemination of knowledge related to diabetes, organise conferences in partnership with diabetes organisations worldwide in order to deepen the understanding of the seriousness of diabetes;
  3. To provide public educational information through websites, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, and publications;
  4. To actively promote the translation of diabetes research findings into application in its prevention and detection, facilitate the development and use of Western and Chinese medicine, medical products and health supplements, and protect the legitimate rights of people affected by diabetes;
  5. To organise events to facilitate exchanges of ideas and research findings on diabetes prevention and treatment;
  6. To actively promote and organise all kinds of charitable activities to enhance the well-being of mankind.
  7. Committed to providing free healthy food to the disadvantaged groups in Australian society to help achieve Australia’s hunger-free goal.